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Better Baked, LLC
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About Us

In 2009 Deloise & Elyse reunited 35 years later after attending Junior and Senior high School together. In 2009 they decided to go into the cannabis business together as chefs. Today, Deloise & Elyse are the owners of Better Baked, LLC, and Café Marley both medical and recreational edible products. Both ladies bring varied backgrounds to the business.

Deloise had a love for cooking and upon returning from Europe. Deloise had the opportunity to sharpen her culinary skills with her father-in- law, the Head Chef for the Park Hill Golf Country Club.  Elyse also always had a strong passion for cooking. As a result she started a catering company called "Cougars Cookin In Stilettos" for un-infused parties for 50 people or less.  This gave her the opportunity to integrate into the world of cannabis and specifically the edibles world.  

In 2010 and 2011 they taught edible culinary classes at Greenway University. The classes were structured to help patients understand exactly how edibles are dosed and administered. Further, what could be accomplished through edible layering, a method they try hard to focus on when educating not only the patients but also now the twenty-one and over recreational customer as well. 

So now seven years later we have grown our edibles company and won the 2013 Peoples’ Choice Cannabis Award and was a nominee in 2014 for two categories.

December 2013 Cannabis Business Awards - Better Baked was the Winner of the People's Choice for Best Infused Product Manufacturer 

December 2014 Cannabis Business Awards - Nominee for Best Infused Product Manufacturer and Nominee for Best Edible Products  

Better Baked was founded in 2009 and Cafe Marley in 2014 
Owners: Elyse Gordon and Deloise L. Vaden